More functionality for the broadcast view

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would love to have the ability to hide columns on the broadcast view. Just like you can hide from certain team members, would like to be able to choose the option to show or hide on broadcast view.


Speaking of broadcast views…

Is there a way to broadcast only the calendar view? I feel like I’ve done this before but now can’t seem to find how.

For reference: when sharing a project timeline, I’d rather just share with them the calendar view as opposed to the main table version.

Hi @Creative_Mamm_Al

Right now you can just broadcast the table view.

We’ll pass along this feedback though - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

just giving this thread a little bump rather than create a new thread…

I’d love to see some added functionality:

  • be able to exclude certain groups from displaying
  • be able to exclude certain columns from displaying
  • be able to whitelist it (or at the very least, remove the messaging in the top right corner)
  • make the borders slightly thinner

Agree, we would love to use this to share some but not all info with our customers.

Hey Naomi and Dan!

We’re considering these options for controlling what data displays on the board. Stay tuned for updates!!

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is this bug or linked columns doesn’t work in broadcast? This is critical…

Also, any ETA on “controlling what data displays on the board”?

Hey @KamilMark

Right now, mirrored columns won’t show in the broadcast view.

Regarding the ability to control what data shows on broadcast, right now, this isn’t being worked on but we are still considering adding this functionality in the future.


As a user, I would really appreciate the capability to format broadcast table layouts with my own CSS/framework.

For example; currently, the broadcast posts as a table with it’s own styling framework. Why not allow admins to apply other layouts and even apply it’s own CSS framework. We use UIKIT in all our solutions and allowing site admins to embed their own styles would allow for style continuity/coherence.

There truly is a LOT once can do with’s broadcasting. It can literally be used as a customizable datasource! I see unlimited capabilities here! I could build an intranet on it and embed that into our websites :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering

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I would like to be able to create more than one broadcast views with different filters set on them. Or at least create the broadcast view from not the main board view.