"Print board" feature disappeared

Hi all,

I can’t see “Print board” in the board’s menu.

From Google it used to look like this:

My menu currently looks like this:

And if I try and print via my browser’s print dialogue, my print preview says “To print the board please click on the print button in the board’s menu”. It looks like this:

Is anyone else experiencing this printing issue?


@brandonha Yes, same here.

Print board is no longer an option on our end either.

Same here. No option anymore on our end

Same here. So weird. No documentation on where it went, or why. What kind of company just drops that and doesn’t let you know a workaround?

The print feature has always been annoying for Monday. You couldn’t print anything that was useful. And now that its gone its even more annoying!! It would be nice to be able to print individual items or the board as a whole in a useable list form.



Is there any information about the disapearance of the “print board” feature ?

Thank you,

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The feature is still gone but at least you can now print the webpage without the annoying error

@RachelShuck How did you do this? I got it to work only once, miraculously, but usually the print preview screen says “Failed to print board” on my page. I am right clicking or using ctrl-P.

Hi Bob, it’s stopped working for me again too :frowning: