Two Features - 1. PDF Creation from Items and/or Subitems | 2. HTML Support for Email Integrations

1. PDF Creation from Items and/or Subitems
Specifically inline creation of PDFs(or other supported documents) from items and/or subitems. I’ve tried three other Apps in the marketplace and they all miss the mark for my companies use. The crux is either complicated template creation, unsupported Monday columns/placeholders for templates or not integrating easily on an existing Monday board. I would like know where is with their own built in PDF creation.

HTML Support for Email Integrations
The ability to send emails from integrations is great but currently we can only use it as automated notification system for reps outside our organization. But with only plain text, no way to included CC or BCC, add attachments, proper signatures, links etc., we cannot use it for more complicated emails. I would love to send quote request/orders/estimates, schedule shipments, send documents(PDFS generated by the other feature?!) but cannot until Monday natievely includes HTML for email integrations. I know of and used integrations like Integromat but the triggers for setting it up makes it more complicated than I would like. Its an okay solution for SOME use-cases in the meantime. But again I would like to know when Monday plans to have this feature built-in.