Automating new project items to connect to high level summary board

Hello, I’ve seen old posts asking the same question but I’m hoping it is now possible to do this.

We have a ‘High Level Summary Board’ that tracks all our project boards which connects with each project board task for us to have an overview of workload and progress etc.

Currently when we add new tasks to a project board the high level summary does not update and I have to manually re connect all new tasks to the board.

Is there a way to automate if new task is added to project then connect task to high level summary board automatically?

Thank you.

hi @Pentatonic

Welcome to the community! How to do this depends on how you connect the project boards to the summary board. If this is done with the monday connect_boards and mirror columns you can do this by:

  • make sure your mirror column is setup as a two way mirror
  • in your project board you will see a mirror column (the other side of the mirror)
  • with item defaults you can make set the correct value for each new item and that will be automatically connected (from the other side)

This does still not delete an item from the connection when the item is deleted. If you want to try another approach the Rollup Multiple Boards app is worth a try (see Apps Marketplace). With this app all you items in the project boards are automatically connected and even when you delete (or archive) an item from a project board the summary board is updated.

The delete and archive option to update the summary board will be release this weekend.

Hope that helps

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