Automation for connected boards: Items added to show up

I created a high level board board (Objectives) and 4 task boards (ie Central Kids) that I want to have connected. For each task board, I set up a “connected board>mirror” column so that I can choose what project it is assigned to. That function is working properly. On the high level board, I set up a “connected board>mirror” column so that I can see what board has what tasks and the status of those tasks.

Where I need help is setting up an automation so that when I create a task on one of the task boards, it will automatically populate those fields. Is there a way to do that?

Hi @dani_lane - I think the below automation will work for you:



I don’t want it to create an item on the “Objectives” High Level board, though.

When I create an item in the task board (ie Central Kids) and assign it a value in the “Objectives” column (which is mirrored to the connected high level board), I want it to update the “Central Kids” & “Task Status” columns that is on the “Objectives” High Level board.

Is that possible?

Hi @dani_lane :wave:

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I wonder if this automation could perhaps be of use here?

When you create an item on your task board, say for example ‘Central kids’, you would just need to have a column on each item that refers to the project it is related to on the ‘Objectives’ board.
For example, your board might look like this:

It’s worth flagging here that the Status column labels will need to exactly match the name of the item in the other board. If this is not possible, you can use a different column to match the items by.
I’ve created a quick Loom just to show you how this would work in practice, with a few example boards I mocked up:

Let me know if this could work for you!



hi @dani_lane

Welcome to the community! Have you tried to set the board connection column to “two way mirroring?”, like:

or are the links from Objectives > Central Kids and from Central Kids > Objectives two separate “no two way mirror” links. If it is setup (from the Objectives board) as a 2-way mirror you will see a connected boards column in the Central Kids board. When selecting an item in the Central Kids board to link to in the Objectives board the mirror column will automatically update. You can also use the Item defaults in the Central Kids boards to link automatically to an item in the objectives board.

However if you want a new item in the Objectives board I think @mark.anley answer is the best fit.

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