Automatically linking new low level items to an existing high level item

I’m trying to automatically link new items created in a ‘low level’ board with an existing ‘high level’ summary task in another board. This high level summary task is already linked to a number of items in the same low level board.

It feels like this should be possible, but I’m beginning to think it can’t be done?

Thanks for any help in advance!


Yes, this can be done. The simplest would be to control the creation of the items from the high level board and use one these (or similar) automations to create and connect the item in the lower level board:

Next easiest is to use the following automation. It will require a column value to match between the boards:

A third alternative would be to use something like Integromat to link the items. Here, if you can describe it, you can probably do it.

Let me know if you need more help on any of those.


Thanks for this, Jim I wasn’t aware of those automations so thats really useful. I did want to use this to potentially ‘roll-up’ all the data on to that high level board. But then I came across this deleted item behaviour post and I’m thinking twice.

Perhaps its still doable if I can stop users actually deleting items, and disconnect them from the higher level item on certain status changes and the like. One for me to ponder on. Anyway, thanks again!




You’re welcome.

With regard to the deleted items issue, there are two ideas that you might consider.

  1. Provide users with a way to delete items than can be controlled. Such as a button. by doing this yo can address them directly, like with an Integromat scenario or indirectly with a notification to someone who can be responsible for deleting the links.
  2. Have an Integromat or other process run on a scheduled basis to check for and resolve the deletions.

Jim - The Monday Man