Remove Connections/Links in Connect Boards Column if Linked item(s) were deleted

Hello Community

What is meant to happen when I have an item in a board, to which another board in another item is linked (via a ‘connect boards’ relationship) and that item is deleted? sometimes i notice that the link to the deleted item is still present in the other board, causing some unwanted effect (incorrect summations in mirror columns, etc.)

I know deleted items are meant to be rare, but it is hard to prevent all our users from deleting items (e.g. when mistakes are made, etc.) Is there a way to gracefully unlink an item as it is being deleted?

Failing that, are there any plans to add a webhook (or a recipe trigger) for when a user deletes an item?


I think I’m having the same issue.
I recently noticed that when I delete an item which is referenced elsewhere (e.g. has an item linked to it or dependent on it), the reference stays (even though the item no longer exists and cannot be accessed for editing).
In my case I needed to move items to a different board as part of restructuring my board set-up. I thought the easiest way to do that would be to delete the original items (assuming the references would be deleted) and then recreating the references to the new location. However, since the references did not get deleted I had to manually remove them and recreate everything (for more than 100 items…).


I agree with you guys.

I think the expected result is that these item-links are also deleted when the item itself is deleted.


…same problem here!


Hi all!

Thank you for all of your feedback here. I too was able to reproduce this issue!

As such, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our Product team so that they may take this into consideration for future iterations of our product.



Hello! Is there any update on this? This is a critical issue because some boards have hundreds of items and we cannot manually delete all the links one by one… We deleted the items permanently but monday keeps storing them somewhere else, so they still apear (and can be edited) in the ‘connect boards’ column


Hi @Helen
Any updates on this?
It is extremely dangerous to have these dead links still being visible after the item i deleted.
We are running festivals and concert venues, and many departments will not have updated information if the links are not removed automatically.
It is sad to see that I have to send out explanations to users with a check list just for deleting an item.

Please, please have someone look into this.



hi, I have also experienced this issue, and am disappointed that such a thing exists. I just rebuilt our boards to use mirrored items extensively, and now I have a bunch of ‘dead’ items putting wrong data into our boards. What is the workaround here?



same problem here. Please solve it. It will get really chaotic, if deleted items are still linked!



Hey @Lucia1 , @DenstadConsulting , @george_planit @Mischmaster

While we cannot provide an update regarding this suggestion, as Helen mentioned, I can confirm that your feedback has all been passed on to our Product Team for future improvements! I’ve also added in all additional comments since Helen’s message to show the impact of adding this adjustment to the connect boards column.

Our Product Team takes user feedback very seriously! In fact, many of our features began as user requests.

While I know this isn’t the exact update you were hoping for, I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:



Just wanted to throw in another vote for this type of request. Considering that the workflow often ends up requiring duplicating an item in a new board and connecting them, it is really difficult to have to manage deletions in multiple places. If an item is connected to another board and the original item is deleted, it should definitely delete the copy otherwise there is a lot of duplicate work required.

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Also putting in my vote to have this resolved as we’ve noticed it happening on our end.

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Any update please?
Sorry, but it is just a critical issue (data is not reliable due to this kind of bug)


Yes… please fix that.

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Just a reminder:
In one week, this thread has been sitting here for 1 year…1 year, and still nothing.


Would also like this to be fixed please

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I have come across this post after attempting to do very similar processes, just to realize it doesn’t work as expected.

I am trying to set up multiple connected boards and am noticing that the linked connections do not seem to delete when the pulse is removed from a connected board (I have refreshed the board as well as let it sit for a couple of days and refresh again). I have also noticed that if I move a pulse from one connected board to another connected board, the link does not move to the corresponding column. It is as if the initial link is created, but they are not dynamic to update these changes in the connected board.

My attempted use case might be more than the intended use of the feature. I will attempt to explain:
My workspace is for a creative environment, so we receive leads that go through reviews before proceeding on to a production process. Once a lead is vetted, it moves to either Board A or Board B (depending on the team (skillset) to do the job). And I have one more board for tracking Client details.

All 4 of these boards are connected (Clients, Leads, Board A, and Board B) with 2-way communication. From my Leads board I connect to the client for a simple link to show more client info. (I have no problems with this.) My issue arises from the connections from Leads, Board A, and Board B to my Client board (which has columns “Current Leads”, “Current Board A”, and “Current Board B”). When a lead is created on the Lead board, it is properly linked to from the Client board, in the “Current Leads” column. When a lead is vetted and moved to either Board A or Board B (depending on job skillset), my Client board does not update with a link in the corresponding column, and the link remains in the “Current Leads” column even though the pulse has been moved to the other board and removed from Leads (by automation).

From the Clients board, if I go to the “Current Leads” cell for the applicable client and click the + sign, Monday accurately does not show the linked pulse as an option for that cell. Likewise, if I click the + sign in the applicable “Board A” or “Board B” cell, the pulse is listed there as an option.

If this would work, it would be very beneficial to go to my Clients board and quickly have links to any works that are currently in production. Eventually, I would like to also create columns that link to all of their past productions that have been completed.

Please address this issue.

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I just had to realize, that my whole board concept ain‘t working because of that issue. This issue makes the mirroring concept obsolete, in too many ways. Makes me even wondering, how can advertise this „mirroring“ feature.

Is there any improvement in work?


Still awaiting for a resolution, doing it manually is not feasible.
Hoping to receive a solution soon.

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Any progress on this issue?

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