Connect boards column linked to deleted items

When an item that is connected to another board using a two-way connect boards column is deleted, the deleted item remains linked. This presents a lot of potential issues for automations.

Additionally, I’ve been unable to figure out a way using Integromat to clear said connect boards column. Using the “Update column values of a specific item”, I’ve tried inserting a null value, but this appears to have no effect (oddly, it actually seems to have worked once, but now does not work :man_shrugging:).

Any thoughts?


Writing null to the item parameter of the connect boards column should do it:

If you do not get an error when you do that, try refreshing the board.

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Thanks JCorrell! That is what I attempted, but it didn’t seem to work consistently. I believe I found an alternative for my current workflow, but I will try this again if needed.


One other thing that could be an issue… many of the updates to connected boards/mirror columns are handled asynchronously. So, depending on how busy those servers, are it can take some time.

My past experience has been that it has sometimes taken more than a minute. However, this seems to have been improving.