Deletion of connected item doesn't trigger automation on connect boards column

I have a subitem connect boards column. I have set up an automation to trigger when that column changes. If I delete the connection to an item, it triggers the automation, but if I delete the connected item in the other board - which automatically removes the connection in this board, it doesn’t trigger the automation.

Is this a bug?

I’d also assume the automation would trigger if the connected item was moved to a different board, but that doesn’t happen either.

How can I trigger automations in these cases?

Hey Carla,

Does your setup look like my screenshot? I tried your automation, and it doesn’t work if I change the name of the connected item in the source board (I assume you want to achieve something like this). However, it works when I add another connected item to my connected column (Tableau 2). I conclude that the automation doesn’t detect changes in the source board but only detects changes in the automated board.

Does NOT trigger (changed the name in the source board)

triggered (added a connected item in the board where the automation is).

Keep me informed,


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Hi Léandre,

I’m most concerned about when the connected item is deleted. Ultimately, I’d like this subitem to then be deleted also.

I’d rather not have to add a link column (or other columns) in the other board if I can help it, as there will eventually be 8 other boards, and I want as many of the automations on this 1 board instead of duplicated on each the 8 connected boards.

I have just learned how to code my own actions for automations/integrations but it looks like I only have the triggers that Monday give us?

Unfortunately “passive” changes to connect items column do not trigger automations. Automations only trigger for the board you actively interacted with.

I consider it a bug and actually submitted this through the a channel for app developers already.


I think I’ve reached a dead-end anyway. With no automation support for connected board and mirror columns in subitems, not even the mirrored status column support that works with normal items, it’s pointless using subitems for what I was trying to do.

It would still be really helpful if there was a way to tell that an item had been deleted, especially on the board that connects to it.

I’m trying to minimise the number of automations that need to run, but as usual needless limitations force us to do things the hard way.

Hey @TPCouriers @Leandre_R

We’ve developed an app called Connected Boards Automations. Which allows to run robust automations on connected boards column, here’s how it can be used in this case →

Also worth adding that it also supports -

  1. Automatically connecting items based on conditions and flexible logic.
  2. Automatically removing connecting.
  3. Syncing values between connected items.
  4. Cross-board automations (trigger in the connected board and action in the current board)

You can find it in the app marketplace in the platform or here - Connected Boards Automations - App Marketplace

Hope that helps!