Mirrored Items pulling through deleted items

Hi, I am using a CRM-style board to connect to a selection of Task boards, pulling all the Clients hours and statuses into one place.

I have just noticed that the Connected items are pulling in data from deleted items. They are not even in the recycling bin. I can’t disconnect them, and it is messing up the data on the client board.

Has anyone else experienced this bug?

Hi @george_planit

I don’t think monday will call this a bug but a feature :slight_smile: It is indeed the exact behavior. When a mirror column is setup it show the data form the source (linked) item(s). When you delete the source item, nothing will change on the board holding that mirror column (you still see the data), even a board refresh or browser refresh won’t make the data in the mirrored column disappear.

The only way I know to get rid of it is to unlink the item(s) in the connect_board column.

thanks, I have recreated all the connections to the board in a new connect column, and once I’ve confirmed it works I’ll delete the old column with the ghost items.


same here. Deleted item are still mirrored to my High Leve Board and mess up the data fields.
Seems like a bug that must be solved. Otherwise the whole link column makes no sense. We need correct data mirrored.



Same here. I was very confused when the deleted item was still mirrored including all information. This could really mess up my summary.

Please fix / change.

Can you explain this in more detail? Did it work?

Has this been already fixed?