Move item on board A (high-level) when any status changes in board B (low-level)

Hello, I’ve searched a while for a solution, but i can’t find the right answer.

I’ve setup a high-level (board A) and low-level (board B) connection. So when I add an item in board A, it automaticly adds a low-level board with a template. This template contains a few groups and items. The high-level has 4 groups: backlog, active, on hold and done.

What I would like to achieve is if any status in board B (low-level) changes from “not started” to anything else, the corresponding item in board A (high-level) moves from the “backlog” to “active”.
Is this possible, and how should i achieve this?

If this is possible, then it would be awesome if there is some automation to move the project to done in board A (high-level), when all the items of board A (low-level) have been set to “done”. But this would be a nice to have.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Olaf!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

What I would do in this situation is add a mirror column in Board A that is showing the status column in Board B. Then, I would add a separate status column in Board B (for the sake of the following automation flow).

Then, I would set up two automation recipes in Board A like the following:

The first automation recipe above uses a mirrored status column to change your second status column, and then the second recipe actually moves the item.

Regarding the last thing you mentioned: at this time, there is no way to do an automation for “when all items have __ status”, however, you could use a new status label like “all items are done” or a completely different status column that is only used when all items are complete for this kind of automation recipe.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!

Hi there, thanks for your help! This sounds usefull.

I tried your first solution, but when I add the automation, it gives me the following error. It says “Automations doesn’t support mirror columns that are connected to multiple boards”.

After that I deleted all of our current test projects, so that our workspace is empty again. Then I was able to add the automation. Next I created a new project item in board A (high), so it automaticly added a board with template to the low-level. Next I changed a status to “busy”, and went looking in the highlevel board. The mirror status did change, but it didn’t activate the automation.

When looking into the automation again, it gives the same error as described above. Also when I check the automation log, it says “no activity found”.

How can I fix this situation? Or am I doing it wrong?



Now I tried the following:

I’ve set up the automations like you recommended. After that I created a new item in high level board. This triggers an automation to create a new board on low level. But I deleted that newly created board, and connected the item on high level, with the template instead of the project which I deleted.
After that I updated one of the statusses in the template, which triggers the second status, which triggers the move automation.

But now the problem is that I am having more projects (low level boards) at the same time. Is there a workaround for this? :slight_smile:

If you are really in to high level boards with unlimited low level boards I recommend to have a look at the Rollup Multiple Boards app from the marketplace.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve looked into it, looks good. So with this addon I should be able to achieve what I was describing above? What I am missing on the high/low level function is that the item (high) and board (low) aren’t really connected, they just show the information.
Also it needs to be connected manually at every new project…

Are those maybe things that are also better with this app?

What do you mean with “aren’t really connected”. This video Excellent Team explains the approach to high/low level boards the app takes.

Hey Olaf! The mirror column limitation in automation is well known. I have another suggestion for you, and that is using the app “same item multiple boards”. Apps Marketplace

You can easily build high-level boards with it, and perform the automations you need without being restricted to mirror columns.