Moving items between categories through mirror status update

We currently have a Content Approval Board that combines email, blog, and social media content. While this solution is functioning, it is not user-friendly as there are too many items, categories, statuses, and updates to manage on a daily basis.

To address this issue, I am working on a solution that involves three separate boards for each type of content and a high-level reporting board called ‘Content Calendar’ that allows the approval team to view all content in one place while departments can work on their specific board.

I have added all statuses and categories to the high-level board from the three separate boards. Each board has an automation that adds a ‘New’ status to every new item created, and another automation that automatically creates items with the ‘New’ status on the High-level board.

My goal is to create an automation on the main board that will update the status on both boards and move the item to a different category on that specific board.

For example, if a Social Media Post Concept 1 is created on the Social Media board, it will appear on the high-level board. If the status on the high-level board is changed to ‘Approved’, ‘Needs Editing’, or ‘Live’, the item will be moved to the same category on the low-level board as well as on the high-level board.

What are the steps to achieve this? I do not see option to automate Mirror column.

Hey @BHL , what you’re looking to do can be easily done with the app “Same Item Multiple Boards”. Take a look here: Apps Marketplace

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Hey @BHL ,

create a status column with the same labels on both boards and also mirror them on both boards. For usability, you can simply hide the mirrored column.

You can then use this automation which also supports mirror columns:


Example: When ‘mirror status’ changes to ‘Approved’, change ‘status’ to ‘Approved’.

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@garfield-labs Would this app work for the following:

We have an internal high-level overview board for project statuses/updates. We have a separate board for external stakeholders to see statuses/updates to their projects. Currently, we can’t use mirror columns as they do not have access to the high-level board, so we are duplicating items in both boards.


Yes, absolutely! Try it out, if you need any help setting it up you can book a call and the team will help you out