Best way to set up High Level Contract deliverables board with task tracking on other boards

Hey all. I’ve hit a bit of a wall while setting up my company’s boards and am hoping to get some guidance. We’d like to avoid a third-party app if at all possible, but are open to using one if it does what we need it to do simply and efficiently.

A little bit about what I need to do:
I work for a marketing and content creation firm. What I need to do is have a board where I add each contract and the list of projects we need to complete for that contract. We track those projects on other boards, and I need the status of those projects to roll up to the contract for a high-level view.

Currently, I have each contract as a group on my Active Contracts board, and each project is an item in that group. I’ve linked all of our sub-boards to the Active Contract board, but I’m finding that I have to enter each project twice (on the contract board AND the sub-boards), and then link those projects from BOTH boards in order for that data to roll up.

Is there any better way to set this up that will save me some time? Would making each contract an item and the projects a sub-item somehow work better? I don’t have the hours it’s taking me to set this all up.

Help, please? :slight_smile:

Hey there! Have you taken a look at the mirror column and connect boards columns for this?

It sounds like they would help link the boards and reflect each others’ information in the way you’re looking for!

Let me know what you think and if I misunderstand what you’re trying to achieve! :blush:

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I’ve tried using the connect boards and mirror columns. That is what I was using and having to connect from both boards. :confused:

Hi @RaeBeyer - have you looked into the matching automations with connect board columns? As long as you have an identifier on the project boards to match something back on the high-level board (project name, ID, etc) you can use matching automations to connect everything on item creation or column change:

Hope this helps!

Hey there! It sounds like you’re facing some challenges while setting up your company’s boards. Setting up an efficient workflow can definitely save you time and streamline your processes.

Based on your description, it seems like you’re already on the right track with using the Active Contracts board and linking sub-boards to it. However, duplicating the project information on both boards can be time-consuming and redundant.

One approach you could try is making each contract an item on your Active Contracts board and treating the projects as sub-items within each contract. This way, you can track the projects directly within the contract item without the need for separate sub-boards. By doing this, the project statuses will roll up to the contract item, giving you a high-level view of each contract’s progress.

To implement this, you can create a new item for each contract on the Active Contracts board, and within each contract item, create sub-items for the company projects associated with that contract. You can use custom fields, labels, or checklists within the sub-items to track the project details and progress.