Selecting entire groups when creating connect board

Since Monday doesn’t allow you to create groups within groups in order to show a summary of each group, I tried to overcome the problem by creating a separate dashboard that would show the project at a “high level” as well as lower levels.
For this I used connected board and mirror columns. But the other problem I encountered is that when connecting the boards I can only select an item.
It doesn’t make sense that in a big project I would have to mark the items one by one.
I have already seen in previous posts that this is a repeated request, but מothing has changed since then.
This is a link to the requests:

Can you add an option to select an entire group and also the entire project-this is a necessary functionality…


I have the exact same scenario - I want to make a “summary” board where each line summarizes a group from another board. Mirroring here is super useful. But, in the “connect board” column, you are only able to select single rows from the other board. The problem here is that when you add to the “mother-board” that feeds the summary, you have to CONSTANTLY update the “connect board” selections. This is way too cumbersome to be useful.

Instead, what if there was a checkbox for the “Group” here instead, that constantly included all pulses/rows in the entire group? This way, your summary board would automatically include any new rows added to the detailed mother board.
Please, Monday, please.