Automatic board creation using template and automatic linking to master board


I have a scenario where we have a main board (Board 1) from where on change of the status of a field, a new board (Board 2) should be auto created using a template. Also when Board 2 is created, it should be automatically get linked to Board 1 (without manually connecting boards). So any change made in field value of Board 2 should be reflected back to Board 1 and vice versa.

Important Note: Name of Board 2 will change everytime a new low level board is created.

Hey Parul,

It is possible to use our automations to create Board 2 based on a template:

That said, it isn’t currently possible to bulk connect every item when that board 2 is created - once that board 2 is created you could set up an automation to connect items across board perhaps using a match automation (connect items based on matching values in each of the boards).

I hope this helps in some way :pray: