Copy item across boards including connection to third board

I have three boards:

  • Customer Board
  • Sales Lead Board
  • Contract Management Board

On the sales lead board, there is a “connect board” column setup that links to the customer board. It also has several associated columns that mirror a few key things from the customer (type, number of licenses, etc).

The contract management board is designed to track the business office processes for creating contracts and invoices for new customers as well as tracking the contract renewal process each year. Each item there also has a “connect board” column setup to link to the customer board.

I want to add a button column to that sales lead board that when clicked will create a new item on the contract mgmt board so the admin team can send out contract and invoice details for new customers. To do this I want to create an item, but I also want to set the connect board column to link to the related customer.

I can’t find a way to do this type of thing where what I am trying to do is copy the connected board column over with the new item created. There are options to create a new item on a board and link that new item with the original item, but no option to copy over a column that is of type “connect board”.

Is there some way to do this? It seems like a fairly common action where I am just trying to duplicate an item from one board to the other and keep a board connect column in place.

Thanks for any guidance and ideas.

Hi@abierbaum ,
You can do this by Make(Integromat) that can be integrated with to automate tasks across boards. In this case, you can create an automation that triggers when the button in the “Create Contract” column is clicked on the Sales Lead Board.

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