How to connect items to one of several boards via connect board column automaton

Hi all, I have searched for related topics and found a few similar threads but nobody that is trying to do what I am (as far as I can tell). So, here goes nothing…

Here’s the scenario first before I ask my question.

I have one master deals board (for management) and 5 other boards for advisers/staff. The primary objective is to only let each adviser see only the deals that are assigned to them while at the same time keeping the master board and the 5 adviser boards in sync with each other.

(Note that client doesn’t have and doesn’t want to pay for Enterprise plan which would allow us to store all data in one board and only let assigned users see their data).

I have found one solution which involves having all the columns “live” in the master board and pulling all the info through to each advisers boards via a Connected Board automation (triggered by a manual status change and the “people” column to make sure it goes to the right Adviser board).

However, I know that it’s possible to have multiple Boards connected to the one Connected Board Column.

So…what I’m wondering is this (have tested but failed so far). If it’s possible to connect all 5 adviser boards to one 2 way connected board column in the master board, is there any way to automate the connection of items in the Master Board with the correct advisers board and have all connections in the one connected board column?

Ie say we have a connected boards column in the Master Board called “all adviser boards” and this has a 2 way connection to all 5 adviser boards. If a new item is created and assigned to Adviser A and a particular status column is switched to green, it creates a duplicate item in Adviser A’s board and connects the 2 via a 2 way connection in the “all adviser boards” connected board column.
And ditto for items created for and assigned to Adviser B - I would like them also to be connected via the “all advisers boards” connected board column.

And if this is possible, is it possible to add mirrored columns in each adviser board to reflect more data relative to that item?

Eg say we add an item called “item A for Adviser A” in the master board and assign it to the user “Adviser A”. I would like the automation to then, triggered by a status change, create a matching item in the Adviser A board and connect the 2 items via the Connected Board Column (which will then update the mirrored columns in the adviser’s board for this item).

And ditto for Adviser B, Advisere C etc.

Does my question make sense? And can anybody offer some solutions/answers?


@botsquad I might advise them to look at Rollup Multiple Boards in the Apps marketplace if they do not want to upgrade to Enterprise. It looks like that would be perfect for that scenario.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!