How can we connect different boards and mirror the status of a common column between them?

I have a Master List of all the contacts in one board (Master Board), and the data is divided into different boards (Lets call them Sub-Boards). Now there can be a common status column in all these boards but so once the status is updated in the Sub-Boards, we should have the same status updated against the contact in the Master Board as well.

In short, I need to "Connect the Boards and Mirror Column Status"

Hi @Conica - there are a number of ways you could tackle this. You could use the new matching automations to match the contact from the sub-board to the master board then mirror the status column from the master down to the sub board. This way it only lives in once place (the master) but appears to live in two.

If the matching is not needed, you could just connect the two together manually and mirror the status.

You could also utilize the vlookup app to achieve this (keep in mind this is a paid app).


Hi Mark,

Thank-you for the reply. I feel the Matching Automation is what that would work for me here. But I cannot see such automation in my account. Is it plan based? If yes, how I can test it, or any tutorial video I can go through to see how this exactly works?

Hi @Conica - if you type “match” into your automations menu it should pull up the three shown below:

Hey Mark,

So I tried both the solutions.

  1. I understand how the Manual connecting of the boards and mirroring of columns work. I follow that it will need manual mapping of individual contact. If we want that automated we would need vlookup app like you suggested.

  2. I went ahead and tried different combinations from the “Match” automations you shared. But it is not working. Is there any example of this solution I can refer to? May be a tutorial or an image reference of the “Automation Logic” you can share where 2 boards were connected with common column?

I posted a similar issue and Mark was crucial in helping me to get it right. I just wanted to offer a link to that topic to see if perhaps you may find it helpful.

Hey Mark,

Thankyou for sharing the link and it gives the further insight regarding mirroring the columns which I have learnt perfectly.

Perhaps, the image attached here regarding the “Match Automation Logic” will give you more clarity on what I am looking for. Here, the “Type” (which is a status column) is created at both the boards which needs to be synced in real-time.

I have made this automation in one of my sub-boards to connect with Master_Board (as in the picture). But the automation is not working.

To explain further:
E.g., Under “Type” there are 3 different Status of the Item (Contact):

  1. Interested
  2. Unavailable
  3. Qualified Lead

If the assigned person of Sub_Board changes the “Type” status as “Ïnterested” in his board, it should automatically be updated in the Master_Board against that same contact.

Your help regarding this will be really appreciated.


The automation you’ve shown in that image will require a mirrored column on the master_board to show you what the sub_board ‘type’ column is. That means the ‘type’ column that exists on the master_board will not update. You’re essentially mirroring up the chain.

If the users on the sub_boards_ have access to the master_board anyway, then I would recommend mirroring down the chain. When the connected column is mirrored from the master_board to the sub_board then any changes to that column on the sub_board will be reflected on the master_board.

If the sub_board users do not have access to the master_board and therefore cannot see a mirrored column from it then you’re looking at using an external tool like Integromat. Set it up with column changes to send webhook.

Let me know if you can get this to work :slight_smile: