Can a connected column update a board with data from a source board?

I’m teaching myself Monday for a very small organization that is using Monday as a CRM that also starts projects in our launch pipeline once we convert leads to clients.

  1. Currently, our sales head enters a new lead using a web form, which creates a new item in Board A for the lead.
  2. This triggers an automation that also creates a contact item for the lead in Board B (contacts). This listing contains three pieces of data that I want to carry over to Board C (client onboarding) as follows:
  3. When the status on Board A updates indicating we have a signed contract, an automation on Board A creates a new item on Board C. Board C has a Connected Column to Board B, to pull the contact’s name, address, and email into Board C. I would expect these to populate automatically on Board C, however, they don’t; the account manager has to go in manually and click the connected column’s cell for the new item and link it to the contact before the data shows.

Contact has been created by “Agreement Sent” automation

I would expect those first 4 fields all to update based on the linkage.

I have linked the column bidirectionally between boards B and C, which I thought was the step I was initially missing to get them to auto-populate, but the fields on board C are still not updating unless we manually link it in either of the linked columns’ cells. Am I missing a crucial step? Or am I misunderstanding the functionality?

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you.

My suggestion for you. Create the board A, and keep the automation that creates an item + connect board on Board B. Then, create the same automation (every time an item is created on board B, create an item on Board C and connect boards.


I would create board A as a main board, with all the information needed from customer, type of project, deal, etc, and I would create other boards that are linked to this main board, but with filtered information for different departments (if it is the case…).

It would be great to have more clarification on your process, so I could understand why are you creating so many boards, instead of different views with some user restriction (so people only sees what you want them to see).

Let me know if it helps or if you need additional information.


Hi Thiago,

Thanks for reading my post and replying.

I like your second suggestion a lot, and maybe that’s a better way for me to think about this implementation. I was using the Monday CRM template when I started this, and it seemed like I should have leads and new clients separated, but since they’re basically comprised of all the same fields, maybe it makes more sense to have them as groups on Board A rather than maintaining a separate board for Onboarding. I’ll look into tweaking that, thank you for the suggestion.

We’re a very small shop, and everyone who has a licensed seat needs to see the information, so restricting views isn’t a concern. This is more about guiding clients through the onboarding process and making sure we hold onto contacts even if they don’t sign on with us initially.

I do still wonder about my original question, but it sounds like if I had designed this to flow more linearly (A → B → C) it might have carried through more successfully.

Thanks again.

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