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Hey everyone i have a problem but dont have a solution maybe you can help me figure it out
I have 2 boards 1 with my company employees
And another 1 with all their system requests
The board with system requests linked to form once they filled the form its creating a new task
But what i want to do is creating an automation that once they filled all the form including their name that i will get their contact information from the other board how can i do it?

Hey @Itayshosh - you could add a Connect boards column to the board behind the form, then use the matching automations to connect the two boards together and mirror over the contact information matching on thier name. As long as there is an exact match between columns on both boards it will work.



Hey ive tried but not letting me to choose the board its just froze

By the way contact info is not column so maybe change it will do the work?

Hi @Itayshosh :wave:

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How are you currently storing your employees contact details?
Are you by any chance using the Updates section? This appears as a speech bubble icon next to the name of the task / item.
If so, it’s not possible to view the Updates section of an item from within a different board.
You would need to navigate back to the original board in order to view the Updates section.

As @mark.anley mentioned, you could add columns to your board and then use an automation to achieve what you’re looking for!

Hope this helps :smile:

It works like @mark.anley describes. as long as the name they enter through the form is unique and present in the employees board. I am not sure if @Itayshosh expect these values to show up on the form while entering the name in the form, but that is not possible I’m afraid. The full information (including the linked info from the boards holding the system requests) will be visible in table view.

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