Automation Issue With Connected Board

Hola Community,

I’m not sure if I am missing a simple solution to this problem but below you will find a snap shot of a board that I have that tracks a specific job, who’s working on that job, and payment for the job.

My specific issue is with the “Sub Name” connected board column.

I have a status column to the left hand side that has either “working on it” or “done”.
Once I click “done” I have an automation to send a notification to me and my team to tell us that, that person is ready for payment.

However, when I am in the automation menu I cannot see the subs name without making an additional text column. Is there a work around on this?

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 1.17.29 PM


Hi Cal! Thank you for reaching out with this question!

That is currently not a functionality that is available. One potential workaround that is a little more manual would be to create a text column to the right of the “Sub Name” linked column where you type in the name from the Sub Name linked column so that you can use that column in the automation recipe.

Hopefully this is helpful and we appreciate the feedback!