Is there a way to link Contact and Account columns on importation?

Here is the situation :
I have a excel table with Accounts infos that I will import with columns :
Company name, Company ID, etc.

And an excel table with the Contacts that works on the companies :
Contact name,Company ID, etc

After importation, I would like to link the two boards on the Company ID column so that if I add an account column to the Contacts board, each contact will be assigned to the right company. Without adding the contacts and account by hand to each boards.

Screenshot of the wanted end result :

Thank you very much !

Hi There!

A couple of thoughts on this ask


  • Must have a consistent code associated with each line for each table.
  • As long as the data has been scrubbed so that the logic of matching works from Client to Company.
  • All Data must live in


  • First add a connect column to one of the boards and then connect with two way connection checked.
  • Add the mirrored columns you want to see the data from.
  • On the board you will be making the changes on, set up a MATCH automation which can be found in the automation template library.
  • Search for the one that will be triggered by a selection of a column change. Text, email or unique code will work.

This should work to accomplish what you said. If you want help feel free to reach out!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hey !
Thank you very much !
I Was able to make progress but I still have issue for with multiple contacts from the same company.

It needs to be a relation: Contacts * → 1 Accounts (multiple to one) linked on the company ID.

Now I have a contact for each company but a lot of contact have nothing in the linked column where there should be the Account.

Screenshot Account page :

Screenshot Contacts page :

I you can help me again with your expertise that would be awesome !
Tell me if you need more context/detail.

Thank you and best regards,

Noé Ventura

I found the solution thanks to your help, @MikeB_Axanexa !

I just needed to implement automation on the board with multiple values for a single company ID.

This way, each contact was properly matched to an account. Additionally, with the bidirectional linked column, the correct information appeared on both boards.

Thank you!

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