What is the difference between the Accounts column and the Linked Accounts column

What is the difference between the Linked Accounts and the Accounts columns here? I have been trying for 2 days to get my very small list of contacts imported and associated with their companies (and yes, I have tried automation to no avail). Now I find this “linked accounts” column which I filled in manually and I would expect would also fill in the regular accounts column to the left but no dice. What’s going on here? Note that the final column is a text column I imported so I would know what company I needed to associate with what contact.

Hey @dstarr!

Hm, it looks to me like there are two seperate connect boards column, both linked to the same board. Had you tried to set up an automation to connect to the accounts board in the past? I ask this as this may be the reason that the “link to Accounts” column has appeared in your contacts board. Additionally, because they’re seperate columns (Accounts + Link to Accounts), any changes made to one of the columns will not impact the other. If you don’t need the Accounts column, I’d recommend perhaps deleting it, and working solely with the “Links to Accounts” column.

As for connecting the companies with the specific contacts automatically, had you investigated our match automations? I’d recommend taking a look as they’re helpful in establishing a connection between boards based on a matched value/column in the two boards (i.e. company name or contact name).