Can't bring over a link from one board to the other

Hi, in my Contact board, I have a Company column that is linked to the Company board. So when I add a new contact w/ their company name, it’ll create a new item in the Company board w/ the company name. However, I can’t seem to get the contact name to auto populate and link it to the Contact board. I’ve tried this automation below, but this isn’t working. Any thoughts?

Hi @min237!

That automation has a small quirk and that is that if you are using the name of the company and the name of the contact, they will not match because they do not perfectly match up. All matches have to be exact and they are case sensitive.

I might suggest having a column that says Company name in the Contacts to help you match that. I also would suggest using, “when a status changes to something…” for your trigger in your recipe unless you are entering all the information in through a form.

Hope this helps!

Well, I’m using the exact same naming scheme, so it should match up perfectly. So, in Contact board, I’m creating a new item/contact, when I input company name, I would like the Company board to import that co name, and along import/connect to the contact name as well. The name doesn’t seem to auto populate that in the Co board.