Connect to a Person or Contact on import?

I need to periodically import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a board. I can do that, but the difficulty is that one of the columns in the spreadsheet should be a Person column in the board and another should be a Contact column. I know the Excel import does not handle these columns.

I thought perhaps I could do an Automation to help with this, but I do not see a way that is possible, or am I missing something?

For example, let’s say I have a column that imports into a column “Owner Text” and it imports the name “John Smith”, and I have another column “Contact Text” that imports “Mary Jones”. These would be hidden.

Is there any way to have an automation that would look up the Person “John Smith” and set the “Owner Person” field to the “person” John Smith? And likewise, look up the Contact named “Mary Jones” and set the “Contact” field (of type Contact) to the Contact “Mary Jones”?

If not, any other ideas about how this could be accomplished?