Linking contacts

Hi there

I am using Monday to manage a list of contacts which are all listed individually.

Some contacts are families so related, what would be the best to -

a) connect multiple contacts together as a one family group

b) is it possible to create one activity under emails and activities and copy or share that with each member of the family so they all have the same activities?

c) is it possible to visualise a linked family structure?


Hey Dion,

a) You can achieve this by simply connecting to the same board using a connect boards column. This way you can connect those contacts from within the same family:

b) Yes this is possible! If the items are connected when creating an activity, the activity should populate in the E+A App of the connected item!

As for creating a family structure, I am afraid natively, this isn’t something that we offer within the platform. Whilst we do have our Org Chart Widget, this is primarily for work-based hierarchy and relationships. This is a cool suggestion however, and would encourage you to submit it as a feature request :pray: