Group chat functionality

I want to promise a feature regarding internal group communication.

As a small business/Monday partner, most of the time, I find it is very difficult to communicate freely with my team members/guests. Given how Monday built, group chat/direct chat becoming almost impossible. I understand the board structure is easier to manage/communicate in the long run, and the “Updates” tab is designed to log/communicate, but a build-in, light weight chat/group chat functionality will be very useful. Cos I believe a lot of small businesses don’t really need/have the time to chat on slack/MS Teams.

I sincerely think Monday can make it work.



We already created an app for chat and text messages.
You can test it, there is a free plan.

Big new changes and improvements are coming.



@hanwesh, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I want to chat with my team as a group or 1on1 in a “non structured” private way. However I’m not able to do that on

I’m surprised with how powerful Monday is, however, it doesn’t solve solve a simple issue as having teams have private non structured chats between each other.

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