Wechat integration

Hi there, I’m new here.

I’m in the process of migrating from Basecamp and our pilot test on Monday is going very well. Our testers are super happy with the experiences of the functions and capabilities of Monday overall.

Our company is a multinational business with sales and design in the USA, product research and development and manufacturing based in China, and distribution in North America and Europe.

We depend heavily on WeChat for collaboration with our China team and our manufacturing partners. As you may know, the WeChat platform has over 1.1 billion users. Are there plans to build an integration to WeChat? If so, when. There would be great business value and pay enormous dividends if you were to build this. :slight_smile:

PS. A WeChat integration is incredibly important since Monday is not blocked by the great China Firewall. However many other social media platforms and communications tools are.

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Hi @yin69yang - I appreciate your feedback and the WeChat suggestion! Currently, we do not have plans to add WeChat as an active integration - I’m curious what other tools you might be able to use and how WeChat affects your workflow to see what we can do on our end to meet that need! Cheers!

Hello Laura, apologies I thought I responded to this immediately. Apparently I never hit the “Reply” button. That should be a new feature of monday. Just predict that I want to send a reply and do it for me because I’m lazy! We use WeChat as our realtime and asychonous group chat very much like Slack or MS Teams. WeChat business also has similar functions like MS teams and Skype for screen share and virtual meetings , and cloud document management.