Activate WhatsApp contact after clicking on mobile phone number

Hi to all
I am trying to find a way to link between the mobile number that is stored in my phone field on Monday to the WhatsApp contact person who is stored on my phone.
I want us all to be able to click the mobile number in Monday board and it will open the WhatsApp contact on the Web.WhatsApp as the contact is already saved on my phone

Is there a quick way to do it? This will save users much time from going to WhatsApp and searching the user…

Any of your reply would be appreciated.

Hi @TsachiD
The only way to do it is to create a link to WhatsApp inside the board with additional column. You need to add the link:{phone}
Then with one click you will open the WhatsApp conversation.
You can contact me if you need help with that Share on WhatsApp. I just solve this problem for some of my clients :slight_smile: