Add me to the Arabic (RTL) language translation effort

I think adding Arabic to your interface as a language can double your revenue.
I think you highly underestimate the fact that 1/4 of our planet speak this language at varying levels.
I’m the CEO of my company and love but unfortunately cannot hook my employees because of the language barrier…
Can you please escalate this feature request, and do it properly from the fist try? Note: Adding any Right-To-Left language can be challenging without at least one full-time quality check part-timer to report all bugs for a couple of years.

As a fan of yours, I would love to help you with the translation effort if you send me access, and I recommend that you also check out a pro for advice like maybe the following service:

I’ll be waiting for access at your very very very earliest convenience !! Please do not procrastinate on this as all of you will probably get a salary raise if this go through! Please!

  • Muhammad

Hey there @unb.mohammed

Alex here from the team for you :wave: Thank you for bringing this opportunity to us!

I’ve passed the opportunity you are offering here to the localization team and we will review the potential partnership :slight_smile: Is there any chance you could send me your contact details via a private message so we can connect via email regarding this in case it is a good fit?


@AlexSavchuk kindly send me a private message from your side, as the private messaging is not available for me for some reason. Thank you for your professional and kind words.