Adding a media file via API will be activated as a player

Hi All,

Today if you drag and drop a media file like an mp3/4 to an item update it is added as a player.

if you do the same from the API, the file is added as an attachment.
can we please have the option to add as a player from the API?


Hi @YossiT,

Super interesting! I just uploaded an example file into my item updates section and it was likewise pushed as an attachment and not a player.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. In any case, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback for consideration!


Hi @Helen

Thank you again for looking into this.
Yes this is the current behavior

We are trying to create an app that allows recording of voice msgs in monday.
this issue is a blocker for us.
we would love your help

Thanks again

Hi @YossiT,

Ahh okay! Thank you for letting us know.

I can definitely understand where you’re coming from, and I’ll add your suggestion as feedback for our developers.


Much appriciated!



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