Adjust width of left navigation panel dynamically

I’d like to be able to adjust the left navigation panel and resize it dynamically as needed. We have some boards that have similar longer names and having the width fixed makes it difficult to distinguish between board names and causes extra clicks.

Some people in our team are less inclined to search for the boards but rely on the visual list that the left panel displays, making it more important to be able to increase the size to help find what they are looking for.


I fully agree, due to Project Board Name rules it is usually not possible to read even half of board name.
Adjustment would be very helpful…like all other tables as well within a board.

Our projects start with a long ID# then facility #, usually we can only see a couple letters of the project titles…
I understand feature requests are somewhat vote based for implementation priority (please vote!) but this should be relatively easy to implement compared to all the other features available in Monday !

I’m surprised that its not there. You would think its a basic requirement to be able to adjust left-nav to see bigger names.

This would be really helpful and aid the UX. Hope it makes the list soon.

If making the pane adjustable in size is nontrivial, please consider having one of your developers spend 10 minutes adding the overflow-x: scroll; to the virtual-list-scrollable-container div and then wherever in the leftpane-item-${id}-overview component stop the label from being truncated.