Advanced filtering - exclude items

another super useful feature suggestion - ability to exclude some items, with regular filters at the same time.

Problem: We have column Client, and then column Products. Client 1 have about 100+ pulses, every pulse has product assigned, lets say from array Product A, Product B, Product C…D…E…F…G…X…Y…Z (there are many products). We need to make excel for this client with all tasks, but excluding ones with product C. So we have to select Client 1 in filters, and then every possible product (because we don’t know which exactly that client has) without product C. So a lot of clicks, time and possible mistakes.

Solution: Option to exclude items in filters. We choose to include Client 1 in Client column filter, and then we click on Product C in Product column filter, but with “exclude” mode. So the result is the same, but it’s way more easier in scalable boards with a lot of data.

A few examples of possibilities:

  • Show all pulses where time is not paused or running
  • Show all pulses which are not done
  • Show all pulses without John Doe’s ones

UX concept: in filters menu, boxes with items on hover could be divided in half, and color-coded with icons ✓ and ⨯