Alert about duplicate dates of an activity

Hi all, happy to join the community and would appreciate some help.
I’d like to get an alert for double booking, i.e. whenever an activity type (i.e. security escort) has the same date and time (time is a separate column, cause it can’t be added to a form and cause “time” could sometimes be described as “morning shift”).

What would the function look like?

Thank you,

Hello @Dman86,
Welcome to the community.
For your use case, I doubt whether using the formula will be able to let you achieve what you want since the formula columns operates on a row by row basics.
Since you want to search for duplicates across different rows, you can use the Duplicates and Uniques app for that. You can create a template and add it as an integration which will run any time you add a new item. Here is a demo of the app in action.
If you need any help, you can always write to us at

Hey there! Apologies for the late reply on this! Let us know if you still need help with this formula by writing to our team at and we’ll be happy to figure out a solution with you there!