AMA (ask me anything) all about monday AI

After a great community event all about the power of monday AI, we are excited for our upcoming Reddit AMA (ask me anything) with the team that developed AI assistant.

Submit your questions anytime and check back on June 7th to see your questions answered in real-time directly from the monday AI assistant team.

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Why bring such an important discussion to an external platform?

Hi Timo,

Thanks so much for the feedback, we’re so happy to hear that you are interested in having these kinds of discussions on the forum and will talk with the team about bringing some AMA events to this space.

Meanwhile, our product team regularly look at the threads here and are always happy to answer your questions, I noticed you had some AI questions already on another thread and hope you got in the info you needed, let me know if I can help any further!

About Reddit, we want to be able to meet our customers on the platforms that they like to spend time on and get information from too, and since we do have a community over on Reddit, we wanted to give them an opportunity to join the discussion there this time around.

Hi Juliette and thanks for coming back to me.

My questions regarding the AI have been answered so far, at this point I am interested to observe how the AI formula assistant will evolve over time and what future tools / apps will be developed that could be useful in project management processes.

Have a great day!

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As a COO who also has some CIO and CTO responsibilities within my small business, I actively use reddit communities (along with AI products!) to help me troubleshoot and do first effort research on questions/issues that arise. I’m happy to see Monday branching outside of strictly the Monday community.

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Hi Nathan,

Thats great to hear! We try to be present and available to our community across all the platforms they are active on.