Annual price per seat increase emails - please enhance with more details/currency

Today i received an email about pricing changes.

This is attached, but I have some suggestions.

  1. Please include which currency the amount is in - we are billed in AUD, however there was no indication what currency this amount was.

  2. Additionally, it would be incredibly helpful if the following was also included: a) previous price per seat and c) future price per seat.

This would assist when updating budget lines, rather than looking through details on the admin section.

Thank you!

Hi @sally,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us regarding the email that was sent out referencing our pricing changes. Your comments are incredibly important and helpful to us, especially in terms of how we can improve our messaging moving forward. We will be sharing your feedback with the dedicated team internally.

We are here for any further feedback or questions regarding the pricing changes :pray:

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