API - Delete User / Deactivate User


Does the new version of the API (2023-10) include features to deactivate and delete users?

Br, YH

This cannot be done with the GraphQL API. Rather you must use the MUCH less well know SCIM API which is restricted to enterprise plans only.

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Thank you @codyfrisch for the information!

I honestly wonder how many people even know of the SCIM API?

I will share this feedback with the team in charge of our docs so that they can take it into account and maybe make it a little more public in the future :grin:

Thank you for the feedback @codyfrisch !

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Wow, I had no idea about the SCIM API! Thanks so much for sharing this information.

Yup, as I said, its something almost nobody knows about. You’ll only know it exists if you’ve had the experience of being an admin on an enterprise account and dug into the SSO section of the admin console.

That said, the account you’re integrating with will need to be an Enterprise monday account - but anyone who is going through this effort is probably doing so because they have a large number of users and need to automate the process - so enterprises.

If you’re using AzureAD, OneLogin, or OKTA for your SSO then you can probably skip the manual work since those are already supported.