API Route to move group from a board to another?

Hi there, just a quick question. Everything is in the title!

I did not see anything like this in API V2. Seems strange in my opinion, so please answer this post if you know a way!

Heyy @tomgoirand :wave:

I’m afraid that at the time, we do not support moving groups between boards by using the API v2. I’ll definitely pass that as a potential improvement point to our development team and hopefully, we will be able to include an option like this in the future. :slight_smile:



Do you have any visibility on this? V1 will be deprecated very soon, and I have multiple process counting on this API route to keep working :confused:


Thank you for checking in on this feature!

To be transparent with you, there haven’t been any major updates to moving groups between boards with API v2 just yet. That said, we’ve started to see this kind of request more frequently lately and it is becoming apparent that it’s something our users would really benefit from. I’m going to try and raise the urgency on this addition from my end, but I’m afraid I can’t promise a timeline or ETA just yet. I hope that makes sense.