Automatic creation of boards

Please help me create a board automatically from the saved template

Hey @Annie_123

there is currently only 1 automation which supports this and is triggered via a status change. Best way to find the automation is to search ‘New Board’

New board to be created with template

I wanted to have the board creation from the template when an item is created in one board.

Example when project enters project board create a board for that project with the saved template and set start date

Right, when you select create new board you can pick the template from the dropdown. You have to make sure to set the board as a template first and then you can select it from the dropdown

Sure thanks, also wanted to know if I can have two dependency coloumns with respect two different timeline columns in a board.

@Annie_123 I haven’t tried using two dependency columns for different timelines. But in theory that should work… Have you given it a try? I’d be interested in what you find and what your use-case for wanting 2 dependencies for the same item/row is. if you can please share :smiley:


I want to have two timelines, one is an actual timeline and the other one is a planned timeline . i want both of them to automatically populate dates based on start date

Hi Tim,

The same timeline and dependency that worked for one case of mine is not working for another. with one timeline and dependency column can you please help