Automatically extract text from images with AI Copilot

Use our AI Copilot app for to extract/find text from images with high accuracy. It can extract text from various image formats without any mistakes and boosting your efficiency.

Different prompt commands you can perform on image such as:

  • Convert image to text.
  • Extract specific text from image like invoice number or name …etc.
  • Summarize the text within the image and put it as text value to column or new item update.

The images can be: Invoices, Articles, CV, Reports and more…

Multiple integrations triggers are supported:

  • When file is uploaded, extract text from uploaded file
  • When status is changed, extract text from file column.
    and more…

Multiple ways to save the text results:

  • Save text results as value to text column.
  • Save text results as new item update.
    NOTE: Multiple files are supported.
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Full tutorial: