Automation send message in private Slack channel not possible anymore?


We have previously had a few automations in which messages got sent to private Slack channels which worked fine. For a couple of days ago these automations stopped working and when I now try to re-create them it is not possible to add private Slack channels.

Is this the way it should be or is this a bugg?

Thanks a lot for your help!

We also used to be able to send messages to private slack channels, but I just went into our account today to setup a new automation to a private channel…and the option to do so is no longer available in the settings.

I’m hoping this is just a glitch (and not something permanent) because this was an amazing feature that we used a lot.

I hope someone from the team can respond to this thread to clarify.


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Yeah, would love to hear from @monday-team on this one.

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I’m also having this issue! The integration was removed, and now I can no longer use the integration in a private channel, which is immensely useful! I hope it returns…

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Disappointing nobody from Monday has followed up here, but I also had this issue and opened a ticket. Seems there was an API change (not sure on which side), so the process to send messages to private Slack channels has changed. Here’s an FAQ that lists the steps I was given. It resolved my issue.