Automation triggered when subitem is created

I have a use case where I need to create an update to a subitem when the subitem is created.

I don’t need to create an update when a parent item is created.

I note that there are triggers in automations for when an item is created. But I can’t see any automation triggers for when a subitem is created.

While I do note that there is an automation to create an update to a subitem when a subitem status changes, this is clumsy for this use case.

I also note that there are Integration triggers for when a subitem is created.

How can I best create an update to a subitem when it is created?

Hey Stephen! This isn’t quite possible at the moment unless you set this up manually.

I’d love to know what your use case is so I can suggest another way of putting the information you want in the subitems’ Updates Section into another column or another idea. What do you need the subitems’ Updates to have that you don’t want to have in the items’ Updates Section?

Let me know and we can continue working on this to find a good solution!

Hey Charlotte. Thanks for your reply.

It seems crazy that this trigger is available in the API for use with Integrations, but not within Automations. (I guess that it is an instance of having the Automations catch up with the API, instead of the other way around.)

The use case is to provide a consistent Checklist for users to review against each subitem.
Each subitem can be considered a task that is associated with the parent item. The checks to be reviewed for each task, are consistent across the tasks, but do not specifically need to be detailed at the parent level.

I can use a status change within the subitem to trigger an automation that creates the checklist (using html) as an update.

From a UI perspective, it would just be much cleaner to create the update when the subitem is created.

I understand that I could also create individual columns within the subitem for each of the points in the checklist. But in this instance it is too cumbersome and creates a poor UX due to the ‘wordiness’ of the checklist points.

Given your feedback, I’m thinking that I may just have to use an integration to achieve this. That’s not ideal either, but I guess that it may be necessary.

This is something that I actually need right now and is another feature that Monday doesn’t achieve.

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anxiously looking for this too. our use case: inspecting how many tasks and subtasks were created yesterday. tasks works automatically but subtasks doesn’t unless you manually update the date.

this is the workaround we have to tell the entire team –
"There are 2 new columns in the Board i.e, “Created at” and “Completed at”. These columns will help us visualize how many tickets are getting created and closed everyday! Unfortunately, Monday does not have a trigger for when a SUBITEM is created so it would be really helpful if anyone who creates a new sub-item just selects today’s date in the “Created at” column when filing a new sub-item. It is merely 2 extra clicks. Thanks! "

Hey guys,
You can use Autoboost for that -