Automations AMA (ask me anything)

Join our upcoming AMA (ask me anything) this time all about automations!

We invited our amazing automations team to join us on February 22 at 10AM EST to answer your burning questions automations questions. While many times our AMA’s take place on Reddit, this time you will be able to ask questions on:

In case you need a little refresher about automations, check out this video:

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When there are multiple identical Status columns (eg each column assigned to a person), can there be an automation that will trigger across all columns when a change is made without writing multiple automations?
Also, is there a way to say “if Status changes to something OR something, then notify…”?

Is there a way to create an automation based on the value in a number column. For example, I want an automation to happen if the value in a column is above 10.

Hi @jstokes - you can use the number condition in a custom automation:

This can be set to where a number column is less than, greater than or equal to a value of your choosing.



Why are cross-board automations not possible? I.e. Why can’t boards with two-way connected columns have an automation that updates the linked item on another board?

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I would like to add a condition to the automation I created through Dev center.
The automation I need is:
When Button clicked and if column is empty > create project from template

I didn’t find where I can add condition to this thing, please assist.
Adding a picture of the recipe I managed to do

Is there a technical reason that mirrored columns can’t trigger an automation? If yes, can it be overcome? If no, why can’t we use them?

Example: I have a mirrored column that pulls in a city name from another board. I would like to connect this to a third board using the City value as the lookup. I can’t use the one from the mirrored column to do this automatically, so it has to be done by hand. We use this often and in a way that can’t be simply cloned form other boards.

Related to this…
My understanding is that some automations suffer from a timing or “race” conflict, where two events “race” to be done first, and once one runs the other can’t. Would it possible to create a delay or wait command for using in automations?

Example: I want to connect to board A when an item is created using column 1 as the value. This will import data from board A, which uses a separate automation to duplicate a value from Column B (placing it in column C). Because the trigger is the creation of the new item, the automation can’t make the connection because the desired column is still blank when it runs. So, we use the Delay item to do this:
“When a new item is created, Wait 30 seconds, and connect board B to column 2.”
Could this be possible?

It would be really helpful if there was a test function for automations.
Especially those that have a date requirement. I don’t want to wait for the date to see if it works.

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When automating the creation of subitems, I would like to automate setting the due date based on a date in the original item.

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When costs are in a subitem, can we get those amounts to add to the main column in the group?

Screenshot below explanation:

  • Taking what is highlighted in yellow to where the red arrow is directed
  • Not having a Subitems Costs Column

Hi @myrrhw
Regarding trigger across all columns - this is not supported at the moment but it is on our consideration during 2024.

Regarding OR condition, this capability will be available in monday workflows, the new workflow builder we are building and will be open to all in Q2

Maor Nakash
Sr. Product manager.

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Hi @beccawye
The cross-board connection today is a bit limited.
There is ability in the automations to use the “Create item in another board and connect” action, or to use the ‘Match’ templates in the automations store.

In addition, we added pretty new ‘Mirror’ category in the automations store with pre-defined templates that can solve your need.

Maor Nakash
Sr. Product manager.

Hi @myrrhw!
I’m Amichay from!
In our new monday workflows you can use and/or logic!

About the multiple triggers - it is something we are thinking to add in the future

Hi Mika!
Instead of a full template, you can create a custom block, then you can use it in the custom automation builder with our built in conditions blocks

When does the workflow feature go live? I’m in the US. It is not showing up for me :sob: