Avoid or warn about duplicate items


I would like to have the ability of avoiding duplicate items by any field, like name in a recruitment board. If I’m getting a candidate, that I already have in my list, I wish I had the option not to review it again and not to pay twice to two different headhunters, just because I missed that this candidate is already in the pool.
I wonder why monday don’t have this functionality in a first place. “Distinct” on a field sound like a basic requirement.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @maximl,
You might be interested in the Duplicates and Uniques app which does exactly that and more. You can read more about the app here. If you have any questions, you can always write to support@kolaai.com

This topic was started a while ago, but being brought up in various ways in the community. I agree, can you please make it possible to set the first “item” column to “Distinct” or “Unique” to prevent item duplication - and/or even in connection with a second or third column in case of names/candidates like OP has queried.
I’m not looking to install another, separate app to achieve something virtually every database has as a basic setting. Even Excel is able to achieve this with Data validation.

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Topic is old, but I think being able to visually see the duplicate items with a dedicated color (red) would be nice: based on item name at least.
Right now the two only solutions are
add a paying app
manage duplicates in the menu manually.

There is also a conversation about that here: Managing duplicates on monday sales CRM 🙂

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