Prevent duplicates in column

Does anyone know of an app that would prevent duplicate data from being entered into a column? Example, I have two columns on my board that need to have unique data entered. Column 1 is “Case Number” and Column 2 is “Job Order Number”. Both of these numbers are provided by a 3rd party that we must copy and paste into these columns after they are issued. However, because it’s left to human error occassionally a number is pasted on the wrong record. I need these fields to be “unique” so that someone can’t paste the number again on another record without getting an error message. has a search for duplicates option but that doesn’t fix it. They also have a unique number column, but Monday assigns the unique number. Also, it’s not the item I want to control–so I can’t use the “delete duplicate item” feature–I want to control unique data in these columns.

Hello @awright,

You can use the Duplicates and Uniques app for this. Here is a demo of how.
In your case, you might need to use this integration.

Hi @awright ,

If you are looking for a native solution, the “manage duplicates” feature might be helpful. This will not prevent the item from being created, but allows you to check on any cadence you decide what items have duplicate information.


This article states that it is only available for Monday Sales CRM, but I am seeing it available in our regular monday instance.

Yes, I do use that feature, but I need the person inputting the duplicate data to be alerted immediately because the data triggers automations that will send emails to other parties with the number. I need to head offer other parties getting incorrect information.

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