Match input in form field with data in specific Column

Hi yo everyone,

I have a challenge I’m looking to solve. People outside of my organization need to send me information using a form. However, I would like to prevent them from sending the form if an input the give (a number in that case) does not match a number I already have in that board.

Does that make sense? any suggestion on how do I do that?
The basic Form doesn’t seem to allow something like this. Thank you all!

You can use the Duplicates and Uniques app for that.
For your use case, you can create a template that searches for unique numbers. If a unique number is found (that is, does not exist) the app will delete it.

Here is a demo on how to create a template to delete duplicates (but in your case, you will have to select “Unique values”)

This doesn’t solve what I was talking about, unfortunately.

Hey @tomaz

Assuming your not doing this for verification reasons, why not make this question a Status field and have the submitter select one of the pre defined values you set (and make the question required)?

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The submitter of the form need to submit a number (ID in this case), to match their information from a large document (>60K items). I wouldn’t want to create >60K statuses.