Repeating (duplicate) Text Strings in Notes Column

I doubt that there is a way to resolve this (especially without access to formulas) but I am having an issue were my email parser automations is creating duplicate text strings in my notes column. Some times I’ll receive an email that updates a lead, and so I have it set to create a new item if a matching name is found, and then automatically merge duplicate items and update contact (since Monday does not have automation capability to update contacts as new information is created). With that said, I have to have it so that my item’s “notes” column doesn’t replace existing notes, so they merge notes with a semicolon. However, some times this creates repeating text strings of the same sentence when a contact is updated. For example:

John Smith has all contact information filled out except for a phone number, including notes generated from the first instance he came into the board (when the lead was added). So, when John Smith updates his phone number in my website, and my other automations/resolve duplicates automations update his item with the new phone number, the same notes get inputted into the notes collumn a second time.

I cannot simply make it so that when duplicate items are merged, the notes column replaces existing notes with new notes, because some times the notes are different (which is what I want). So I only wnat the notes column to be updated if the existing notes are not already there.

Is there any way to search and replace or resolve duplicate text strings within a the notes column only?

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