Automate removing duplicates when uploading a lead list

Hey Hey!! I wanted to see if there was any sort of automation that you guy know of that will not allow a duplicate lead to create a new item on a board. For example. I have Zapier tell my calling system CallRail to push new leads into Monday. If a lead calls with the same phone number and that number is pushed into the PHONE column is there a way that the system will recognize that and not create a duplicate lead?

Hey @jpaul! Thanks for writing in! Currently, the best way to tackle this is by searching but I do see that you’d need to know what to search for in order to find duplicates. I don’t believe this would fall under the automation category but more of a general feature request that the platform can recognize duplicates and notify you. I’ve passed this to the appropriate teams to take a closer look. Cheers!

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I would love this feature. Why?
Because using Monday’s “import from Trello” features, it’s duplicated all my 650 cards. So now I have over a thousand; half of them duplicates… What am I meant to do with this?

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searching through thousands of contacts to identify duplicates when doing an import is not how I would like to spend my week. It would be great to have a filter to identify duplicates.


Duplicates also occur on our board when we bring in mass date changes from excel, If there was a way to automatically identify the duplicates this would be spectacular and save us a lot of time.


Hello everyone,
This is Alfred from Kolaai. We just released an app recently which addresses the issues listed here.
Here is a demo video showing a fraction of the capabilities of the app. In fact, @LHebard, your exact request can be seen in the demo :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You can add the app to your boards by following this link

Lastly, this community post shows even more details about the app.
We hope you find the app useful :slight_smile:

The best way for you would be to probably identify the similar cells or columns in excel, I don’t thin it’s possible in monday.

I can relate with this, I also use callrail and It could be fraustrating.

Has there been any update on this?

I need this feature, too. When I import from a third party software to Monday, I need Monday to search and find an item based on the email (in case same email exists). And if it finds it, then do nothing. If it does not find it, then create an item.

It’s possible with other software on the market via Zapier. I don’t see why not with Monday via Zapier.

For contact management, we have an automation to create a contact when a new lead comes in, it would be helpful for it to be able to check if the contact already exists


Hello @patricia.ousley @biye_byte @olyroad,
Whether that item exists in the current board or in a different board, you can use the Duplicates and Uniques app to check for that.
Here is an example of checking for duplicates on other boards.
If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

Hey all :wave:

We sincerely apologise for the delay in updating this thread. We want to assure you that we see all your feedback, and are working on a process to attend to all feature requests in a more prompt manner.

That being said, we wanted to mention that there is a functionality supported in our sales CRM product that allows you to manage duplicates in your board:

We hope this helps!

Hi @BiancaT - this option is not available to all users as it is locked away to certain products so I dont think we can mark this as resolved.

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Bianca, this is still a manual process, it doesn’t solve the problem of needing to automate it.

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You’re right :pray: This is a request that we still need to address and I will share this with the relevant team.

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Hello, just new to looking at and I’m currently on a 14 day trial of the sales crm

Is there a way to automate removing duplicates from a list that is uploaded, if we already have a person within our contacts board, or a company if they are already in the Accounts board?

We would upload a new exhibitor list for a show, and want to automate removing any exisiting contacts from the previous year


Is a manage duplicate function available yet? i think its quite an essential part of managing a project, especially when incorporating automations that move said project across different boards and it duplicating itself.

Having it only available for Sales CRM users is a bit steep, considering its a basic function and paid users cant even access it.

@BiancaT following up on this to see if its on the roadmap. Being able to catch duplicates as they are entered without an external app would be great.