Duplicate notification - how to automate it?

Hi there.
We need to identify if the item (customer) is already in our database and be notified about it. Anyone had an issue like this?

Hi ,

You can identify your duplicate values by using Monday’s “Manage duplicates” feature. It can be found by clicking the 3 dots (on the top right corner of your board) → “More actions” → “Manage duplicates”

Hope this helps!

You can also use the Duplicates and Uniques app.
Here is a demo of how

I guess it’s available only in higher plans. We have PRO and I don’t see it.

Will it identify duplicates right after the item is created itself or it requires action?

Using the integration as demonstrated in the Demo video, it will identify duplicates automatically

This still requires you to manually select which ‘values’ to keep though - and in our case, we may have a list with over 1000 items - without adding a plug in app is there no way to set an automation up within Monday.com to choose which you keep?