Beta auto Linking Between 2 Boards to match Pulses with matching information in specific collumn

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There was a Beta Automation that allowed linking between two boards where the items are already created. So Connecting columns based on a specific columns information. For this we have store numbers, and we would like to link the items on two different boards based on that store number. Did this feature go away? The one we used to test while it was in Beta is still functioning but we would like to add it to another area of our workspace and cannot find the Beta Automation used any longer. There is one similar that creates an item on the board but we do not want it to create a new item, just link the two existing items.

This is how it appeared in the past:

Thank you in advance!


For anyone else wondering - It is still there - Just can’t search for it when building custom automations. It is still located above “recurring”.

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